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The Sideshow Podcast – Episode 205 – Battlecross, Rivers of Nihil, Hate Eternal, Wolfheart, The Nietzsche 2015 Album Reviews

Brick By Boring Brick – Part 2

It is brought to my (Brian, that is…in case you forgot I am the one that writes these things) attention in the beginning of this episode that my description of last week’s show may have been a bit harsh. Well, since we both agree that this week is more fitting to Episode 204’s title, I cheated on the name, while simultaneously starting a little episode sub-series. Like last week, though, – or any week for that matter – you might think we are way off base on our lukewarm feelings for some of these album, or even the warmer feelings we have for the others. If you’re going “hey, that’s me he’s talking about” then let us know in the comments!

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