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Decibel – Mike VanPortfleet, Tara Vanflower, David Galas of Lycia

Decibel Magazine has rounded up Mike VanPortfleet, Tara Vanflower, David Galas of the reformed Lycia for an interview.

Here is an excerpt:

The second coming of Lycia wouldn’t have been possible if main songwriter Mike VanPortfleet didn’t possess the same spark that kicked things off in 1988. Older, wiser, yet still wandering the same lonely plane as all those years ago, VanPortfleet (along with vocalist Tara Vanflower and collaborator David Galas) has released a vibrantly glum album in A Line That Connects. The title is literal, actually. Musically, it’s a nod to all things past Lycia, including the groundbreaking and influential effort, Cold. Read on as the Cold lineup, reunited for posterity, discuss A Line That Connects.

To read the entire article go here.

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