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100 Percent Rock – Madame Mayhem

Todd Jolicoeur of 100 Percent Rock has interviewed Madame Mayhem. Here is an excerpt: With tons of new music dropping between now and the end of the year, I stumbled (with the help of a friend – thanks Chip) upon a new disc from a newer artist on the rock and metal scene that is sure to catch attention. Forget the looks, forget the image – listen to the vocals and guitar work coming from Madame Mayhem. This woman can rock, as evidenced on her new disc Now You Know…

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Metal Moment – Bonus – Walking the Streets of Nashville, on the Dog Days Of Podcasting Day 30

Today I walk the streets of Nashville under the influence. Dog Days of Podcasting is a 31 day podcasting challenge created by Kreg Steppe in 2012. I’m going to hit record for the next 31 days. No edits, just like back in 2006. Grass Roots Style. I thank my listeners for asking me to participate. And I thank my podcast mentor, Michael Butler for telling me to , “Just Do it!”. ドッグ・デーズ・オブ・ポッドキャスチィングという31日間連続で番組を打ち上げると言うチャレンジに参加してます。 ホスト 日野原千明 Gears used today: – iPhone 6 – Hap & Harry’s Original Tennessee Lager To read more go…

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The Jasta Show – Episode 119 – Steven Adler Of Guns N Roses And Adler

In this episode I am joined by Steven Adler (Adler & Guns N’ Roses). We discuss Slash making up with Axl, babes on the road, the legacy of Guns N’ Roses, veganism, getting kicked out of Guns N’ Roses, the story of Axl’s request for a lamb, John 5, Kiss, poop, Riki Rachtman, Dr. Drew, and recovery.

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Songfacts – Leigh Kakaty Of Pop Evil

Greg Prato has interviewed Pop Evil frontman Leigh Kakaty for Songfacts. Here is an excerpt: When MTV started out, the majority of music videos were simply bands lip-synching on a soundstage (or, if they were touring, in an empty arena before a performance). By the mid-’80s, big productions were expected, but fast forward to today, with the advancement of digital editing software, music videos have become a low-budget afterthought for many hard rock acts. Pop Evil is one of the few rockers nowadays that haven’t forgotten the era when these…

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Decibel – Austin Lunn Of Panopticon

Matt Solls of Decibel has interviewed Panopticon’s Austin Lunn. Here is an excerpt: We could all stand to learn something from Austin Lunn’s work ethic. In addition to being a full-time family man and co-running a successful brewery, the dude has managed to put out 15 Panopticon releases in the last eight years while also contributing his multi-instrumentalist skills to albums by Seidr, Falls of Rauros, Saor and more. Staying true to this breakneck creative pace, Lunn is mere weeks away from dropping Panopticon’s sixth LP, the enthralling and resonant…

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The Eddie Trunk Podcast – Live Special With Bruce Dickinson Of Iron Maiden

Broadcasting from The Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, Eddie Trunk brings you another LIVE edition of the podcast with Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson. The legendary singer details his recent battle with cancer and of course, Maiden’s forthcoming tour and album, Book of Souls. Bruce also answers questions from fans and discusses Samson, his children’s musical pursuits, some tour and concert nightmares, his solo career, and more!

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Loudwire – Wikipedia Fact Or Fiction – David Draiman Of Disturbed Part 2

You’ve been asking for it ever since we posted Part 1, so we’re proud to bring Part 2 of David Draiman‘s ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?‘ segment. In Part 1, we delved deep into the Disturbed vocalist’s early years, where he shared some dark history about his childhood. In the second half of Draiman’s Wiki segment, we go into the Disturbed years beginning with Draiman’s grandfather cutting off contact with the singer due to his dream of becoming a rock star. We also set the record straight about how Draiman came…

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One On One With Mitch Lafon – Episode 146 – Gus G. And Alex Skolnick

Ozzy Osbourne guitarist GUS G. and TESTAMENT’s Alex Skolnick join Mitch on episode 146 of One On One With Mitch Lafon. In the episode’s first interview GUS G. discusses his new album ‘Brand New Revolution’, getting the Ozzy gig, working with Ozzy, an update on a new Ozzy album, Firewind and much more. In the episode’s second interview Mitch sits down with Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick. He discusses his new band with Metal Allegiance that also includes The Winery Dogs’ Mike Portnoy, Megadeth’s David Ellefson and Mark Menghi. We also…

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Focus On Metal – Episode 247 – Tremonti

Focus On Metal returns after a few weeks off, Scott and Richie return with Mark Tremonti of Creed, Alter Bridge, and his solo band Tremonti. The episode also contains an interview with Scott from Crystal Ball. You can check the episode out below.

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BraveWords – Bjorn “Speed” Strid Of Soilwork

Carl Begai has interviewed Soilwork frontman Bjorn “Speed” Strid. Here is an excerpt: So, how do you feel about ’70s music? If you’re a Soilwork fan the last place you’d expect to find a ’70s classic rock vibe is on one of their albums. Of course, if you’re a fan you’re also aware of frontman Björn “Speed” Strid and guitarist David Andersson pulling double duty in The Night Flight Orchestra, their classic rock-infused nostalgia trip. Thus, it may be disconcerting to hear that Soilwork’s new album, The Ride Majestic, does…

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Decibel – Chris Jericho Q&A

Justin Norton of Decibel has interviewed Chris Jericho about Blood Division, Fozzy and his wrestling career. Chris Jericho is one of the most decorated professional wrestlers ever: a six-time world champion and the first-ever undisputed WWE champion. He was ranked the promotion’s greatest ever Intercontinental Champion. Jericho is also one of the most vocal celebrity metal fans on the planet as well as a metal musician who has toured the world repeatedly with his band Fozzy. Jericho’s latest project, however, might be the only one that could earn the extreme…

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100 Percent Rock – Priya Panda Of Diemonds

Todd Jolicoeur of 100 Percent Rock has interviewed Diemonds front woman Priya Panda. Here is an excerpt: Rockers Diemonds are unleashing a new disc full of straight on rockers on the world later this week and we were able to pin down lead singer Priya Panda, while she was traversing Canada on a promotional tour to discuss the disc, several tracks, and the bands use of social media. After wrapping our heads and ears around the disc and reviewing it last week, we were definitely excited to get a little…

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