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Songfacts – Leigh Kakaty Of Pop Evil

Greg Prato has interviewed Pop Evil frontman Leigh Kakaty for Songfacts.

Here is an excerpt:

When MTV started out, the majority of music videos were simply bands lip-synching on a soundstage (or, if they were touring, in an empty arena before a performance). By the mid-’80s, big productions were expected, but fast forward to today, with the advancement of digital editing software, music videos have become a low-budget afterthought for many hard rock acts.

Pop Evil is one of the few rockers nowadays that haven’t forgotten the era when these productions were more akin to mini-movies. On their 2015 release, Up, the lads have not disappointed, with a striking clip for the leadoff single, “Footsteps,” which looks like a futuristic sci-fi or action flick.

As Up was rising, The group’s singer, Leigh Kakaty, spoke with Songfacts to discuss songwriting, videos, and the stories behind several Pop Evil favorites.

To read the entire interview go here.

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