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Star Tribune – Tommy Stinson Of The Replacements And Guns N Roses

Chris Riemenschneider of Star Tribune has interviewed former Guns N Roses and The Replacements bass player Tommy Stinson.

Here is an excerpt:

Since he’s more interested in talking about his new band coming to the Turf Club next Saturday, Tommy Stinson offered these short answers to the two most heard questions about the old bands he is probably leaving behind:

1) Ask Axl.

2) Ask Paul’s T-shirts.

“At this point, they probably have their own [publicists],” the veteran bassist joked of his Replacements bandmate Paul Westerberg’s letter-encoded white tees.

During the final stretch of his two-year, 33-show reunion run with Stinson (and replacements) as the Replacements, Westerberg wore a series of shirts with letters painted on the front that seemed to spell out the end of the band. Or at least they spelled this one encrypted message: “I have always loved you. Now I must whore my past.”

To read the entire interview go here.

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