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Radioactive Metal – Episode 374 – Evil Dumb… Nice Guys

RAM prides itself in getting behind the little guy. Since episode #1, our Indie Spotlight has been a staple on the show. Sometimes when a band really catches our attention, we like to go the extra mile and get the scoop from the artist themselves. The recent Evil Dumb Tour features two such outfits. Comedic metallers PSYCHOSTICK (or psy – caustic) and Canuck rockers WOLFBORNE have sweet F.A. in commmon except their willingness to rock and their ability to impress. Psychostick bassist/vox Matty J. Moose explains their love of comedy and rock n’ roll which explains their unique sound. Wolfborne’s Lanning Kann explains how far they’ve deservingly come in such little time and shares some road debauchery as well. The future is now!! In our News, Views, and Tunes, we discuss hurricane parties and crank our interview subjects with some BROKEN HOPE and some live SLAUGHTER too! Horns!!

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