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The Toilet Ov Hell – Simon Heath Of Cryo Chamber

Cybernetic Organism has interviewed Cryo Chamber’s Simon Heath.

Here is an excerpt:

I stumbled upon Cryo Chamber a year ago while looking for new ambient sounds, and was immediately taken with the rich, expansive atmospheres created by its artists: haunting dreamscapes of mist-shrouded worlds, crumbling ruins of lost civilizations and droning paeans to vast, unknown gods of the abyss. Listening from one album to the next, it can feel as though these auditory odes to the bleak and mysterious are interconnected; each artist retains a unique voice while somehow feeling as though they occupy the same mind.

This is where the talents of Simon Heath step in. As the label owner, mastering engineer, visual artist and dark/ambient artist himself, Simon perfectly understands the needs of the genre and assumes a high level of responsibility for his artist roster that results in some of the best art-through-sound available today. I reached out to him to ask about the details of what he does on a daily basis. Here’s what he had to say.

You can read the entire article here.

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