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Classic Rock Revisited – Michael Wilton Of Queensryche

Martin Popoff has interviewed Michael Wilton of Queensryche for Classic Rock Revisited.

Here is an excerpt:

No matter what era of Queensryche’s many moods you are into, it’s gotta be pretty easy to dig what the band has done, now two records deep into the Todd La Torre era. If Queensryche was a bold return, then Condition Human… well, this just might be the best record of the band’s career. Why the crazy talk? Well, even when the band was doing seemingly everything right, there was always something holding back any given classic, some experiment that didn’t quite work. Not so with Condition Human: this is a record firing on all sixes, welled-up with majestic prog metal, still concerned with song, and gorgeously vocalized by La Torre.

Classic Rock Revisited celebrated the achievement with Michael “The Whip” Wilton, as the band geared up to hit the road (To Madness) with Scorpions… “Taken En Force?” “The Lady Wore Blackout?” “I’ll Rock You Like A Hurricane In The Shadows?” “He’s A Jet City Woman, She’s A…” all right, I’ll stop.

To read Martin’s full article go here.

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