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Ghost Cult – Brandon Saller Of Atreyu

Steve Tovey of Ghost Cult Magazine has interviewed Atreyu drummer Brandon Saller.

Here is an excerpt:

Atreyu are synonymous with the rise and fall (and now return?) of metalcore. From being one of the genre leaders when the style broke, and broke big, in the early 2000’s to putting the band on ice in 2011 when the scene had burned to the ground, if you think “metalcore”, the chances are Atreyu aren’t too far behind that thought. Four years have passed and they’re back with a new album Long Live, a new label (Spinefarm) and a new level of professionalism. Drummer, clean vocalist and one of the band’s leading song-writers Brandon Saller was only too happy to speak to Ghost Cult about the last four years and putting the band back together.

You can read the entire article here.

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