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Loudwire – 5 Questions – Jill Janus Of Huntress

Liz Ramanand of Loudwire has conducted a Q&A with Huntress lead singer Jill Janus.

Here is an excerpt:

Metal band Huntress are gearing up to unleash their hard-hitting new album Static on Sept 25. We had the opportunity to chat with singer Jill Janus about the new release. She also discussed her inner struggles with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, as well as battling uterine cancer.

Janus also spoke about the band’s upcoming trip as part of this year’s Motorboat. When asked what band on the cruise she would like to be part of, if she could, she said, “Huntress! I’m living the dream. I’m cognizant of our success, but I won’t let it feed my ego. The moment I believe the hype, I will become an a–hole. I treasure my humility.”

You can find the entire article here.

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