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The Classic Metal Show – Jason Becker Backlash, Bad Rob Zombie Press Conference, etc.

Here are your podcasts of The Classic Metal Show for September 9th, 2015.

Chris and guest host Jon Drake talk about the time that the CMS did an email interview with paralyzed guitarist Jason Becker, and the backlash the show took for putting his answers through a vocal processor to give Jason a voice.

Guest host Jon Drake tells a horrific story about how he recently tore his MCL while drunk at a pool party where he and his bandmates ended up wearing women’s underwear.

Chris and guest host Jon Drake start off by Chris advising his stepson that he should look for a girl that has tits similar to his mom’s. This leads to Chris engaging Jon in an uncomfortable conversation about his mom and her sexual habits over her lifetime.

From 2009, Neeley and Chris review a press conference of Rob Zombie from 2009.

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