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In The Studio With Redbeard – Paul Stanley And Gene Simmons – Kiss Alive! 40th Anniversary

In The Studio WIth Redbeard has compiled forty years worth of Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons interviews in celebration the 40th anniversary of the band’s landmark album Alive!

Here is an excert:

Few things from the period forty years ago can totally freeze time the way that listening to Kiss Alive! does. While the world was weary of the Viet Nam War and Nixon’s Watergate scandal, the frottage foursome had cranked out three studio albums in eighteen months, somehow managing to play every college gym and theater between their New York City base and the Rockies. Now they could perform the strongest of that material, while making the leap to select arenas such as in rock-and-roll-mad Detroit and Cleveland and record their amalgam of testosterone-fueled comic book fantasy, horror movies, and good old teenage lust. How could it not work?

To read more and to stream the episode that includes tracks off of Alive! go here.

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