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The Orange County Register – Mike Ness Of Social Distortion

Kelli Skye of The Orange County Register has interviewed Social Distortion main man Mike Ness.

Here is an excerpt:

On stage, Social Distortion frontman Mike Ness is stoic, ferociously playing guitar and belting out true-to-life lyrics while betraying little in the way of emotion.

The Godfather of Orange County’s punk scene, Ness is the epitome of cool from a certain era, with slicked back-hair, full sleeves of tattoos and un-bowed confidence as he soaks up the energy of another sold-out crowd.

Nails; that’s been Ness for decades.

But away from the spotlight he’s evolving. The now 53-year-old musician recently has taken time to learn about himself and confront some old demons. The reflection has come as he writes an autobiography and prepped to hit the road in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Social Distortion’s self-titled third album.

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