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antiMusic – Joey Tempest Of Europe

Anthony Kuzminski of antiMusic has interviewed Europe vocalist Joey Tempest.

Here is an excerpt:

Watching Joey Tempest, lead singer of the Swedish hard rock band Europe, onstage at Chicago’s House of Blues earlier this year was an eye-opening and enlivening experience. Tempest and the rest of Europe played the club like it was a stadium. Best known for their 1987 smash “The Final Countdown”, the prevalent keyboard riff is synonymous with the final two-minutes of sporting events and is a song that love it or hate it, has endured. However, the most distressing element of the lasting impact of “The Final Countdown” in America is that many people assume this is all they have ever had to offer despite having a handful of Top-40 hits and ten studio records. The band followed the enormous success of The Final Countdown with a pair of records 1988’s Out of This World and 1991’s Prisoners In Paradise before they went on a twelve year hiatus.

When Europe emerged in 2003 to take their finger off the pause button they could have taken to the burgeoning nostalgia circuit and never looked back. Instead, they took the road less traveled. They re-grouped with the line-up that created The Final Countdown and over the last dozen years have crafted five exquisite hard rock records steeped in their influences of Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple with a keen and heavy eye on the future. Mach II of Europe all but abandoned their pop-metal sound and embraced a more gripping sound that is hard to deny. John Norum’s guitars are like a gut-punch, while keyboardist Mic Michaeli shifted his focus to the organ conjuring the spirit of Jon Lord every time he touches embellishes a song.

To read the entire interview go here.

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