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Metal Injection – Sean Reinert Of Cynic

Rob Pasbani of Metal Injection has interviewed Sean Reinert regarding his announcement that Cynic has broken up.

Here is an excerpt of their chat:

Yesterday was a very upsetting day for Cynic fans. Founding drummer Sean Reinert announced on the band’s page that the band has broken up due to personal differences between him and frontman Paul Masvidal. Later in the day, Masvidal posted that this was all news to him and he doesn’t see the band as broken up. He then complained about being locked out of the band’s Facebook page. This morning, Reinert posted a screenshot showing that Masvidal still had access to post on the page, but with less privileges than Reinert.

With all this drama going down, Sean reached out to Metal Injection to help clear the air on his grievances and what follows is the interview we just conducted. In the interest of clarity, we decided to have this conversation over instant message.

To read the entire article, go here.

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