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VH1 – Tom Araya Of Slayer

Doc Coyle known by some for his work with God Forbid has interviewed Slayer bassist and lead singer Tom Araya about the band’s new album, new band members, his influences and Mayhem Fest.

Here is an excerpt:

When you think of Slayer, words like “transparent” and “vulnerable” don’t usually come to mind. When I was a teenager discovering metal, I devoured all content that gave me an intimate view into the inner workings of my most heralded bands: whether it was A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica, Megadeth’s making of Youthanasia, Evolver, Korn’s autobiographical documentary Who Then Now, or the Pantera trilogy of home videos when a thing existed called video tapes.

In the mid ’90s, Slayer granted no such access. Their 1995 concert video Live Intrusion gave you a no-frills, pummeling Slayer show sans a behind-the-scenes, “let’s see how they make the donuts” exposé. The mystery worked to their benefit. When I saw Slayer for the first time in 1998 on their tour supporting Diabolus in Musica, these weren’t mortal humans before my eyes; they were demonic manifestations. They opened with “Hell Awaits” in a 100+ degree room with twice as many people inside than safely should have been. It was the sound and physical incarnation of unfiltered violence and insanity, and I had never seen a band do that before.

To read the entire interview go here.

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