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The Irish Times – Kerry King Of Slayer

Ronan McGreevy of The Irish Times has interviewed Slayer guitarist Kerry King.

Here is an excerpt:

Your last album prior to Repentless was World Painted Blood in 2009. Since then Jeff Hanneman died and your drummer Dave Lombardo was fired. You must have felt at some stage that Slayer would never make a new record…

Not me personally. The way I look at it is that if I wasn’t making music up for Slayer, I’d be making music up that sounds just like Slayer with somebody else playing it. It made sense to me to continue doing what I was doing.

For me, it was waiting for Tom (Araya, bass player and singer) to be happy with the situation, and I think it wore on him more than it wore on me. I looked at it more realistically than personally. I looked at it as business. This is my job and I’ve got to continue what I’m doing, so there wasn’t any other option for me.

To read the entire article, go here.

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