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The Litterboxx – Episode 27 – Ash Costello Of New Years Day

Some girls dream about meeting Mr. Perfect, having a ton of kids an living in a dream home they’ll eventually find a pool boy for (who will consequently help them pass the time and get over a divorce somewhere along the line, full circle). Other girls dare to go out of the box and manifest everything that we as women were told would be too hard for us to do. When I met Ash, I knew immediately she was fucking BAD ASS. Not only because she has spent a good chunk of her life fronting a variety of bands (just like myself, kindred spirits!) but her knowledge, composure, intelligence and sense of humor were so on-point. She rips it with her band New Years Day and it was a pleasure to meet another woman unapologetically doing her thing. I can also appreciate a woman who comes correct with her nails and eyebrows and Ash was 100% on point 🙂

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