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VH1 – Kerry King Of Slayer

Jordan Runtagh has interviewed Slayer’s Kerry King for VH1.

Here is an excerpt:

Honestly, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing hanging out with Kerry King in the middle of the ocean. It sounds like some kind of weird teenage dream—not in a romantic sense, but the actual result of insane hormones, lack of sleep, general youthful megalomania, and possibly bad weed.

Yet here I am onboard the M/V Norwegian Sky, temporary rechristened Motorhead’s Motorboat. Last night I’d just had my very first live Slayer experience. Now I’m sitting in the deserted Plantation Club Lounge, complete with leather seats, potted palms, and a baby grand piano, while Mr. King sips from a red Solo cup across the granite card table.

Our conversation is occasionally interrupted by what I originally think to be the ship’s airhorn. In fact, it’s Kerry’s extremely loud text message notification. “When my wife texts I have loud noises so I can hear it,” he laughs. When you rock as hard as he does, amplification is a must.

Is this the scene I’d imagined for meeting the King of Thrash Metal? Definitely not. For a start, there are nowhere near enough pentagrams. But is it awesome? Affirmative.

Go here to read the entire article.

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