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Shinedown guitarist Zach Myers talks about their plans for 2016, the group’s latest album, branching out with singer Brent Smith for Smith And Myers, reconciling with past members, thoughts on the Paris attacks at the Bataclan, the passing of Scott Weiland, and the 10th anniversary of Us And Them among other topics, check it out!

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Spotlight Report – Interview: Stiff Little Fingers’ Jake Burns

It’s been almost 40 years since seminal Irish punk act, Stiff Little Fingers, first exploded onto the punk scene. In the early days, they wrote about their experience of having lived through The Troubles in Northern Ireland, and started to attract a following. But it was in November of 1977 that they released what would go on to become their much-beloved hits, Suspect Device and Wasted Life, on their own Rigid Digits label. They sent the recordings to renowned BBC Radio One DJ, John Peel, who played them every night and the…

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Guitar World – Unlock the Secrets of the Seven Fundamental Modes Favored by Randy Rhoads

This month, I’d like to illustrate a very clear and effective way to memorize the series of scales that are collectively known as the seven fundamental modes. I consider these modes to be essential learning for any aspiring metal soloist, and indeed, Randy Rhoads put a spotlight on the modes within the context of metal guitar. The majority of them are also useful for soloing in other styles. The fundamental modes are derived from the major scale. The major scale is considered the Ionian mode and is recognized as the…

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Alternative Press – MISS MAY I’s Levi Benton talks moving, tour and nerdery at NAAM 2016

APTV spoke to Miss May I’s Levi Benton at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) 2016 convention. Benton talked about what it was like to move from the Midwest to California, the band’s upcoming tour and his inner nerd. When asked who he would like to cosplay as, Benton says, “I would be Mötley Crüe.”

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El Vuelo Del Fénix – Spanish – El vuelo del Fénix – Sinbreed, Steignyr y entrevista La Desbandada – 04/02/16

Hoy Escuchamos: Tako- El barro terco, Sinbreed- Creation of reality, Grupo novel: The Benturas- This kind of love.Entrevista La Desbandada: La Desbandada- La hoguera, La Desbandada- Sacos de soledad, La Desbandada- Hace tiempo. Lendakaris Muertos- Modo dios, Steignyr- Hammer of agony, Fleshgod Apocalypse- Gravity, Conan- Throne of fire. http://mvod.lvlt.rtve.es/resources/TE_SELVUEL/mp3/6/2/1454627581226.mp3

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No Treble – Groove – Episode #14: Jeff Berlin

Jeff Berlin had a moment that he describes as “the dark night of the soul” at the age of sixty. Now, he’s 63 and he’s reflecting. He’s reflecting on his career as one of the most influential electric bass players who has ever lived, and he’s being critical of just how critical he has been about the state of the electric bass, the education behind it and his own, highly provocative, thinking about life. He had this “personality” for a long time (with a negative bite), and he wants things…

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Pure Grain Audio – New Noize: Video Interview with Mandroid Echostar’s Michael Ciccia (vox) and Matt HK (drums) (NN017)

In December, while touring with Protest The Hero, we caught up with Guelph, Ontario progressive metallers Mandroid Echostar. A relatively new group, their 11th level musicianship wizardry belies the band’s age and, as evidenced on their debut full-length record, ‘Coral Throne’ (out now via Distort Entertainment/Fontana North), these dudes SHRED! In this brief chat, vocalist Michael Ciccia and drummer Matt HK helped us to better understand their new offering.

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MyGlobalMind – Interview with Mark Fox of Shakra

When vocalist John Prakesh left Swiss Hard Rockers SHAKRA two years ago, nobody thought that former singer Mark Fox would return to the band. Miracles happen all the time and Shakra presented us with one of their strongest releases featuring Mark Fox on vocals. With that in mind it was time to speak with Mark about his return, reunions in general, his solo activities and of cause the new album “High Noon”. Check out what he had to say. MGM: Hello Mark, it’s a pleasure to talk to you. How…

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The Litterboxx – The Litterboxx – Episode 35 with Charlie Bellmore / Jasta

On this episode I take The Litterboxx to NAMM to check out the fresh selection of gear geekery. On my quest to find something interesting, I chat with my homeboy Charlie Bellmore who slings the axe for Jasta and Kingdom of Sorrow and plays live with many different bands. He also dons the production hat, as many musicans eventually do. Overall great guy who has worked his ass off to live the dream of making music. Warning, it’s a total bro down. [embedded content] Share:

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