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Metal Geeks – Metal Geeks 101: That Drummer Guy Geekery

Joining your geeky hosts this episode is host of That Drummer Guy presents, Josh Rundquist, as they dive into a plethora of Metalized topics this episode. It’s an onslaught of Metal as they discuss what first got them into Metal, hipster Metal, their very first concerts, and of course Broforce! George Takes Metal was so big we had two different bands including Sirenia and Ihsahn! The guys also play special tribute to Prince in their own Metal way! Go here to read more about the episode.

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Glorious Metal Podcast – Glorious Metal 7 – Shredhead and Eradikator

This week Glorious Metal serves you with some thrashy goodness from Shredhead and Eradikator. Shredhead is an Israeli thrash metal band formed in 2009. Shredhead’s new album ‘Death is Righteous’. Shredhead was released last year. They will be touring Europe this November with Overkill and Crowbar. Eradikator is a thrash metal band out of Birmingham, UK. They were formed in 2010. Eradikator’s newest CD ‘Edge of Humanity’ was released in December 2015. Eradikator is currently playing shows in the UK. Go here to read more about the episode.

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No Control Radio – NO CONTROL Radio Replay 4/29/16

It appears this weekend turned insane for a lot of people after the Levitation Festival was cancelled at the last minute due to concerns about the weather turning crazy tonight. So all these shows went crazy trying o place them in venues at the last seconds and to the credit of all involved, they pulled off many of them. We play some of the bands playing that festival, but also tons of new tunes from Gojira, Abbath, Gone Is Gone, Hatebreed, Nails, Whitechapel, Volbeat, Death Angel ETHS and classics from…

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