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Deep Purple – Ian Gillan on Brazilian TV Fúria Metal May 1992

Check out this Ian Gillan TV piece from 1992. Ian wasn’t in Deep Purple at the time, as he was having a little “holiday’! Metal Fury was a program of video clips of MTV Brazil that premiered on 25 October of 1990 and was targeted to fans of heavy metal and hard rock. Ian was on tour with the Gillan Toolbox album.

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El Vuelo Del Fénix – Spanish – Charla-concierto Alquimia – 20/04/16

Espiritual es el segundo álbum de los asturianos Alquimia, proyecto que fundó el guitarra Alberto Rionda tras anunciar el parón indefinido de Avalanch. Esta segunda obra maestra es la confirmación de su regreso al power metal, además han profundizado más en su esencia y deja más claro su pasión por las melodías con estribillos más redondos y pegadizos. Nos llenan de energía y buenas vibraciones en búsqueda de la libertad y la verdad. Charlamos con toda la banda y nos regalan varios temas en eléctrico y uno en acústico. Muchas…

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Premier Guitar – Rig Rundown: Living Colour’s Vernon Reid and Doug Wimbish [2016]

Before their Nashville gig in April of 2016, Living Colour’s Vernon Reid and Doug Wimbish met with PG’s John Bohlinger to talk about their combined sorcery that makes guitar, bass and drums sounds like an army of instruments. Reid and Wimbish utilize killer chops and miles of pedals and cables—making their tech Jeff Cummings the hardest-working man in show business. During the interview, bass legend Billy Cox crashes the party for some avuncular bass commentary.

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The Aquarian Weekly – Made For Music: An Interview with Tori Kelly

I’ll never forget when I first discovered Tori Kelly. In 2013, a friend of mine sent me a text with a YouTube link to her cover of “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” and insisted I gave it a listen. I was loving it until I got to the middle of the song where she did this insane riff with her voice. At that moment, I was completely blown away and I spent a while longer searching more of her covers online. I was instantly hooked. You actually played my college’s homecoming…

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The Aquarian Weekly – An Interview with Into It. Over It.: Opening Up

Into It. Over It.’s Evan Weiss is running a little late for our phone interview, but with what little time he has off these days, who can blame him? A week out from a fairly aggressive 31-date spring tour for the US and UK with barely any breaks, Into It. Over It. had returned from his second run at SXSW barely two weeks prior, and had released a new album, the lush, purposeful Standards, a little more than a week before that. How was SXSW? It was…We did South By right…

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The Cut – KVELERTAK – Erland & Vidar discuss how they support their career (OFFICIAL INTERVIEW)

Noisy Norwegians KVELERTAK are set to release their new album Nattesferd on May 13th and as promised, we have a series of video interviews with Erland and Vidar from the band when they were in town to promote the new release. As well as speaking to them about the album, we asked them to tell us more about how they are able to support their career in music and if they have any ‘day jobs’ to help with this.

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