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Joel Gausten – He’s the Voice: Inside Jorn Lande’s “Heavy Rock Radio”

Here is a sample of the interview conducted by Joel.

Other ‘70s-era tunes to get the Lande treatment on Heavy Rock Radio include Deep Purple’s “Stormbringer” and Queen’s “Killer Queen.” Lande selected these numbers to reflect his admiration for a time when performers were performers.
“It was a golden era for quality music that came from the heart and was really performed with feeling. If you didn’t have the ‘Elvis Presley’ factor, you wouldn’t succeed back then; you wouldn’t get a record deal. That resulted in so many great performances and great bands. I think people were more honest towards themselves back then when they wrote music. They weren’t as focused on the market and not as calculating.
“It’s not right to say that everything that happened back in the ‘70s was the only way to do it,” he adds. “That’s wrong too, but at the same time it’s very hard when you grew up with that quality to actually put new bands and artists on the same level as some of these people you really look up to. They just give you something personal in a way and do something really natural, and it just hits you like an arrow.”

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