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Metal Insider – Interview: rapper Ghostemane talks death metal influences

Here is a sample of the interview conducted by Jordeana Bell.

In the realm of success, how is LA different from Flordia? What pulled you in the direction of LA and how is that scene receiving your work?

Florida is a tough scene to come up in, like any scene. What makes it difficult when it comes to hip hop is that there wasn’t strong local support at shows. Most of the people at the shows were artists themselves, or direct friends or family of the artists. In LA, there’s a stronger scene since it’s one of the main music hubs. And I guess for me I didn’t have to “come up” from the ground here, I moved here to be closer to existing fans.

What are some major differences and similarities between metal and hip hop? What is your take on the current state of both genres?

I think nowadays the classic differences between both genres are fading. Artists and kids are more open minded than ever which is enabling new creative music to be born. Speaking on the genres separately; I think even tho hip hop/rap dominates the radio and mainstream culture, metal/hardcore is still very alive.

When you produce what is the writing process like? Where do you begin with the creative process?

It varies a lot. Sometimes I just sit down and pump out a few instrumentals I’m happy with, then write to them in the next few days. Other times I spend four days on one track. It depends on if I feel like trying to break ground with something new, or just expand on a certain sound I’ve been utilizing. Usually the initial inspiration comes from whatever band I’ve been listening to or book I’ve been reading, game I’m playing, etc.

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Interview: rapper Ghostemane talks death metal influences

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