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That Pedal Show – T-Rex Replicator, Strymon, Wampler, Empress & Tone City Tape Delays

In this episode we check out the T-Rex Replicator – a real tape delay unit – in comparison with some of our favourite tape delay-emulating pedals.
There’s definitely something magic about using real tape to create delay and echo. From the early European units to the fabled Echoplex in all its guises, their unique preamps, idiosyncratic mechanics, involuntary noises and of course their utterly unique tones have captured the imaginations of countless guitarists. Not least us.
To whit we have finally got our hands on a T-Rex Replicator (first released in 2016). It’s the first pedal-shaped genuine tape delay with tap tempo that we know of, so here we compare it with some heavy hitters in the tape delay-emulating pedal world…

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