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The Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show – Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show 03/13/2017 (

Anthem threatens to sue The Hardys, and Reby Sky is pissed.. Coming soon: Birdie Joe Danielson.. Ken Anderson fulfills a fantasy for Don Tony.. Don Tony is hunting Owlheads.. Debate: WWE should worry about Goldberg hate at Wrestlemania.. DT Idea: Roman Reigns should give out ‘Code Of Conduct’ Cards to fans.. Move over ‘Fake Diesel’ and ‘Fake Razor Ramon’, DT fears Anthem may have a ‘broken’ idea.. Mouth F### Tom’s Tweets no longer protected.. Shaq in Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal?.. RIP Ron Bass and Dennis Stamp.. Daniel Bryan returning to the ring in 2018?.. DTKC comment on Impact Wrestling ‘relaunch’.. William Regal & Cyndi Lauper / WWE HOF rumors.. Adam Rose announces his retirement.. Eric LeGrand receiving 2017 Warrior Award.. Madusa launches Podcast.. 24th Anniversary of Dino Bravo murder.. Dana Brooke has her Wrestlemania moment.. This Week In Wrestling History.. Edge defends Beth Phoenix / WWE HOF selection.. Chris Jericho / Post Wrestlemania update.. Jack Swagger official gone from WWE.. John Cena lands another movie role.. WWE / UK Championship Tour coming to England.. Showing love to LAX, Konnan, The Miz, The Andre Corbeil Show.. Oh yeah; F### The Owl!.. Patreon updates.. Plus Raw, Smackdown, Impact and Indy Wrestling discussion, pop culture, news, sports talk, and so much more.

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