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Pure Grain Audio – Saltatio Mortis Interview about a Festival, Drum Riser and Nasty Wasp – Gear Gone Wild #010

While onboard the 7th round of the 70000 Tons Of Metal Cruise, we caught up with the German Medieval metal group Saltatio Mortis for an interview wherein we asked them about one of their favourite Gear Gone Wild stories. The result is this funny tale of an unlikely onstage wasp incident and ensuing fail!

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Bischoff On Wrestling – Ep 34 feat. Shawn Michaels: HBK To WCW Rumors Addressed, Latest WM33 Buzz, More

This week’s episode of Bischoff on Wrestling starts with Eric giving his take on a couple of stories from around the business of pro wrestling from this past week including: Christopher Daniels winning the ROH Championship Impact Wrestling sending cable providers legal letters threatening to sue if they air the Broken Hardys on ROH’s PPV WWE’s very public release of Jack Swagger The Big Show being entered in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and having his match with Shaq seemingly called off Kane taking time away from WWE…

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El Vuelo Del Fénix – Spanish – Doro al Acordes y entrevista Poetas de Botella – 15/03/17

Hoy escuchamos: Doro- Earthshaker rock, Trivium- Blind leading the blind, Bohem- Fire and Stone.Entrevista Poetas de Botella: Poetas de Botella- Acción reacción, Poetas de Botella- El gran final. Doble Esfera- Rebelión, Gojira- Stranded, Dark Funeral- Unchain my soul.

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The Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show – Breakfast With Blasi 03/15/2017 (

DT says Stephanie McMahon should ‘hire’ AJ Styles immediately and put him on Raw.. WWE’s idiotic Dash Cam blunder on Smackdown.. DT reveals why Eric Nordholm and Anthem may have helped Matt and Jeff Hardy gain ownership of ‘Broken Universe’ without realizing it.. How much does Rhinitis Medicamentosa suck?!.. Lucha Underground now available on Netflix.. DT predicts lame ‘Broken’ clone on Impact Wrestling.. Rusev undergoes shoulder surgery.. Women’s Rights eh? Fatwa issued in India against 16 y/o Nahid Afrin for singing.. Smackdown needs Harper and Rowan.. Updated WrestleMania 33 Card (13 Matches).. Patreon updates..…

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Rebel Force Radio – Star Wars Rebels: Declassified: S3E18-19

Jason is back for this double-shot episode of Rebels Declassified as we are also joined by Geek Out Loud’s Steve Glosson to discuss “Secret Cargo” and “Double Agent Droid”. From the emergence Mon Mothma as the leader of the growing rebellion, to Chopper’s corruption by an Imperial hacker, we tackle it all.

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The Bad Christian – #261 Christian Men Porn Pity Partying and the legendary Pigeon John stops in for a Chat

Have you ever heard of porn pity party syndrome? It effects most Christians males after they look at porn and Toby/Joey reflect on this month’s mess-ups. Matt pleads the 5th. Toby’s edifies us all by sharing things that he hates and Pigeon John takes us to school on his life journey’s of an authentic hip hop creator trying to resist the silly parameters of Christian Contemporary Music Marketing.

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The Kevin Gill Show – Ep 119 – Max and Iggor Cavalera From Sepultura / Cavalera Conspiracy

Max and Iggor sat down with KG in San Francisco to talk early days, Sepultura, Positive Mental Attitude, connecting with metal, Juggalos, BodyCount, healing personal wounds, Samba, moving to USA, ICE T, Cavalera Conspiracy, celebrating over 20 years of ROOTS (Boody Roots) , Influence of Lemmy, NYC, Queen, learning english through Metal, Bad Brains , and jamming with Navajo indians! PLUS KG goes behind the scenes at Ring of Honor 15th anniversary, and Future Stars Of Wrestling in Vegas, and talks upcoming WrestleCircus PPV event on 3/17 at South By…

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Premier Guitar – Review Demo – EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral

Our days of stompbox bounty have had an interesting—in some ways polarizing—effect on the state of delay. At the “analog” extreme, bucket brigade delays and powerful digital processors generate and painstakingly emulate the sounds of tape, drum, and other analog echoes. At the other end, digital processing makes delay and reverb more boundless, inorganic, and galactic-scale than ever.

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