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Dave & Dave Unchained – A Van Halen Podcast – episode 13

EPISODE #13 –“Dave & Dave Unchained – A Van Halen Podcast” celebrates its first anniversary with a massive party dubbed “VAN HALEN BASH” starring Romeo Delight – “The Ultimate Van Halen Tribute Band” at the Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale, Long Island, NY. Listen as the Daves interview the band in their hotel room, which broke out into an acoustic jam session. Then head into the venue where the duo interviews fans, holds some VH raffles and broadcasts samples of live cuts from set 1 and 2 featuring “Van Halen I” and “1984” in their entirety plus full plays of some deep album cuts. Don’t forget, a little VH news to top it off!

Listen to “Dave & Dave Unchained – A Van Halen podcast: episode 13” on Spreaker.

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