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Pro Guitar Shop Demos – Walrus Audio Warhorn Overdrive

Today, we’re sounding the Warhorn, by Walrus Audio. The Warhorn is a classic-sounding overdrive pedal that provides a transparent crunch that gives you a kick in the upper-mids, all while doing battle with the front end of your amp. The drive control pumps out a banquet of overdrive tones fit for a king, from gentle low-gain crunch to a medium-high gain tone that will give your amp what-for. The engine driving the Warhorn is the highly curated clipping switch that features two carefully-curated diode selections that wring every last bit of articulation from the circuit. The upper switch position delivers a classic, well-voiced symmetrical diode pair for a classic yet refined overdrive sound, while the lower position reconfigures the clipping into asymmetrical, which breaks up much more like a tube amp than a pedal, for some serious touch sensitivity that you can feel. When the overdriven signal exits the battlefield, it heads straight into a two-band active EQ, containing carefully-calculated treble and bass bands designed for maximum interaction with the drive engine. The Warhorn’s ace in the hole is its stacking ability, and pairing it up with almost any other gain pedal fuses the two into a weapon of immeasurable strength, with the Warhorn reinforcing the other pedal regardless of position. And like all other Walrus pedals, the Warhorn is built using a quiver of quality parts by a team of warriors right here in the USA.

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