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The Cassius Morris Show – TCMS: 064 Vocalist & Songwriter Johnny Gr4ves

Wow… This week’s podcast is one of my favourites that I’ve done so far! When I was in kindergarten and grade one, I became friends with a young man named Zeboria Peters. We were the best of friends, always hanging out during and after school. Zeboria eventually moved to Victoria, BC, and we lost contact. About a year and a half ago, I received a Facebook message from him and we reconnected.He now goes by the name of Johnny Gr4ves. He told me he had become a vocalist & songwriter, and seemed very determined to make it big.

He sent me links to some of his music, and I was blown away. One of the songs had over a million hits. Fast forward to a few weeks ago; we got in contact, he told me he would soon be in Edmonton for business, and we booked a podcast! Upon arrival to the destination, we said hello, chatted for a minute or so, then immediately turned on the mics and caught up for the first time on air. It was so natural and I’m glad to have been able to capture that on air.

Keep your eye on Johnny Gr4ves!

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