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Chicago Music Exchange – Fodera Imperial Series | CME Guitar Demo

Good craftsmanship never goes out of style—and Fodera Guitars are hard to beat. We are excited and honored to welcome these meticulously handmade, CME-exclusive instruments into our showroom. Read on for more on this Brooklyn-based builder and dig in to our two core series of guitars.

Out of a small shop in New York, skilled luthier Vinny Fodera and professional bass player Joey Lauricella set out to build an instrument that would look and sound phenomenal. Together they created distinctive, handcrafted instruments that play effortlessly and utilize some of the finest tone woods available. The name “Fodera” resonates as one of the foremost premium guitars for a reason. Since 1983, Fodera has been passionately dedicated to making one of a kind, built-to-order instruments for players and high-profile artists across the globe.

The all-new Imperial series expands upon their already-unique set of Fodera design elements. With a classic single-cut design, distinctive growling ’50s-style tones and a high-mass matching bridge, Fodera’s compact standard single-cut body style is easily one of its most versatile instruments to date. Normally available in numerous scale lengths and wood/pickup combinations (including a few of our own CME-exclusive creations), these guitars offer complete customization from top to bottom.

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