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Jim Lill – When Brad Paisley Tries To Play Guitar Like Brent Mason (Cluster Pluck Lesson #7!)

When Brad Paisley takes this solo he goes nuts on the fretboard, but not in a normal Paisley way.

It sounds like he’s channeling his influences to pay homage to the people who came onto the scene a little bit before him, specifically Brent Mason. There are a lot of very Brent Mason ideas in this solo.

These licks are taken from a Grammy winning instrumental called “Cluster Pluck” where Brad Paisley, James Burton, Albert Lee, Redd Volkeart, John Jorgenson, Vince Gill, Steve Wariner, and Brent Mason trade off dizzying guitar acrobatics. You will get the style and muscle memory of 8 different country guitar legends into your own hands.

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