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Ghost Cult Magazine – Billy Graziadei On Powerflo, Biohazard, And More

Here is a sample of the interview conducted by Metal Mark with Billy Graziadei of Biohazard and Powerflo:

MM: We first heard about Powerflo earlier this year, but this has been in the works for a while. When did this idea actually originate?

BG: That depends who you ask (laughs). My answer would be 1992. Sen and I have known each other for years ya know. We did that Biohazard track together back in the early 90’s, and kept working together on and off over the years. Despite what people may think, he grew up a metal head. He was hanging with Dave Lombardo as a kid in Los Angeles, so this has always been an idea in the back of my head. Now that there is some downtime between Cypress Hill and Biohazard, and everyone else’s projects, it made sense to get this done. The timing was perfect.

MM: I’ve heard from numerous people how incredible Sen is in the studio. Obviously you know from working with him, but it seems like he’s as good as ever on this record.

BG: Sen is something else in the studio man. A lot of guys in the studio, no matter what style of music, they can only handle so many bars at one time. They are limited. It still comes out great, but with Sen, he does it all in one take. He’s all about the vibe, and if the vibe is off, he won’t go behind the mic. If the vibe is there, it’s on, and he goes in and knocks it out effortlessly. I’ve seen him do it countless times, but it still blows my mind to this day.

The funny thing about this record is that we would finish a take, and he would be like “I want it heavier. Let’s make it heavier.” I would tell him to keep a groove and do what he does best, but he always wanted it heavier. We would sit back and laugh about it, but once we heard the final product, he was right. Most of the time (laughs). There are just so many influences in this band, so while it was challenging to make our own signature sound, we really came together well, and we are beyond happy with what’s on the record.

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Billy Graziadei On Powerflo, Biohazard, And More


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