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Guitar Center – Alesis Strike Pro Electronic Kit GC

The stunning new Alesis Strike Pro kit shatters all your pre-conceived notions about electronic drums. It combines the feel and familiarity of acoustic drums combined with the versatility and capability of the best electronic drums. These are the perfect drums to move beyond the limitations of a conventional acoustic set, without giving anything up. Featuring large dual-hoop pads with mesh heads and sensitivity adjustment knobs , Strike Pro delivers an incredibly responsive drumming experience, with great feel and control. Strike’s premium wood shell drums come in standard acoustic drum sizes…

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Rebel Force Radio – August 11, 2017

Entertainment Weekly dropped some images and big info about THE LAST JEDI this week. We detonate the latest “Breznican Bomb” and dive into the all reveals from the cover story. And there is a ton of TLJ speculation in this episode! From Porgs to Snoke theories to new interpretations of the Chosen One prophesy, we dig deep. Plus, Disney leaves Netflix, listener voice mail, and more.

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Full Metal Hipster – #84 – Danzig Needs A Producer with Dan Jackson of VOID RITUAL

Greetings, friends, and welcome to the 84th episode of Full Metal Hipster! On this episode I spoke with Jackson of the one-man black metal project Void Ritual (Facebook) about creating music as a solo artist, Godzilla metal and more! His latest album, Heretical Wisdon, is available to pre-order right now, and you should definitely check it out after you listen to our conversation!

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Radioactive Metal – Armored Saint Interview – Joey Vera

The mighty ARMORED SAINT have always a band that is musically hard to pin down. They have a classic metal look and sound, but they also have a broader appeal that strikes a chord with the more melodic crowd and the heavier underground fans as well. This is one of the many conundrums we’ve had for The Saint for literally decades. Now with their new live record Carpe Noctem on the racks, it’s time to seize bassist Joey Vera for a chat. We discuss said record, the band’s 2017 fan…

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Renman Music & Business – How Can an Indie Artist License Their Music For Film or TV

How best should an independent band go about finding music licensing? Jake Versluis, A&R for Position Music and long time RenmanMB member, informs us on the gatekeepers in music licensing and the best way to get in front of those people. He tells us that though online services are a place to start, a personal connection and relationship goes farther than anything else

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PodKisst – THE KISS ROOM! – AUGUST 2017!

The summer isn’t over, but we are going back, back, back to school in THE KISS ROOM! Matt Porter is joined by Bobby Dreher, Anthony Porter (Three Chord Money) and The PodFather Ken Mills to talk about the upcoming ROCK N POD EXPO. PLUS, THE KISS ROOM HOUSE BAND™ delivers another amazing live set in the studio, we’re talking KISS and listening to some great music! It’s a party! You are invited!

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The Autopsy Report – The Autopsy Report Metal Dead Tapes No 692 – 7th – 13th August 2017

Well it seems even The Simpsons love good music and when Bart’s not doing The Bartman (Google it, kids), he’s listening to hard rock and metal from across the globe but wait, he missed a week? Better get him writing lines… Seems he’s learnt his lesson and he’s tuning in from now on – and so should YOU!

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The LAW: Live Audio Wrestling – G-1 Climax – Day 17 A Block Final Podcast with John Pollock

John Pollock reviews the final night of A Block tournament matches with Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Tetsuya Naito in the main event at Sumo Hall and the winner going to Sunday’s final in the same arena. Plus, a tremendous match between Zack Sabre, Jr. & Tomohiro Ishii and an incredible G-1 send off for Yuji Nagata.

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Game Of Microphones – 36: Still Smug Book Talk: “The Spoils of War” (S7E4)

Get ready for another full immersion into the Westerosi world of Ice and Fire in this week’s Still Smug Book Talk with Ser Duncan. Topics covered this week include a cool theory about the show’s Valyrian steel Catspaw Dagger and how it relates to the books Dark Sister longsword, a look at similarities between the Loot Train Battle and the Field of Fire during Aegon’s Conquest, comparisons between Ser Jaime and the Little Lion, Drogon and Aegon II’s dragon Sunfyre, who was also grounded during battle, with some fun book…

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David Wallimann – Is This How You Start Your Guitar Solos?

On this video we are going to put into practice some of the concepts that we’ve covered in the past. How do you start a solo when you don’t know the scale? Only the first chord These are the steps Choose a chord voicing Get the tempo and the subdivisions Pick a sound from the chord that you can go back to Replace minor chords with minor pentatonics From the pentatonic we are two notes away from the mode. Figure out the missing notes (second and sixth)

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Guitar Player – Gretchen Menn & the Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass SSS

Gretchen Menn demos the new Cutlass SSS in Fiesta Red ($1,599 standard finish; $1,669 in vintage sunburst). The Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass features updated vintage-spec electronics, a super-smooth modern tremolo system and lightweight alder body, and an oversized 4 over 2 headstock with straight string pull (for superior tuning stability).Flawless craftsmanship throughout makes the Cutlass a perfect culmination of old world aesthetics and styling, with modern design and playability.

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Steele Wars – Ep 140 : Riley Silverman – Jyn Erso love, Han Solo fears & the importance of diversity with a rising star of LA comedy

Riley Silverman is a life long Star Wars fan who after moving out from Ohio has become a exciting voice in the LA comedy scene. We chat about the less complained about things “forced” onto Star Wars creators, the fear of hamfisted call backs in Han Solo and why deverse representation is important to us in Star Wars. Plus we mention some show called Doctor Who, discuss a fascinating Matrix fact and explore what it’s like to be a disgruntled Smurfs fan!

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Metal Injection – ASK THE ARTIST: The Best Thing About Heavy Metal?

We ask members of Gojira, Suicide Silence, Testament, Wovenwar, Dragonforce, Airbourne, Felix Martin, Final Drive, Twelve Foot Ninja, Once Human, Myrone, and Moon Tooth what is their favorite thing about heavy metal!

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