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Joel Gausten – The Melvins Life: King Buzzo on Soundtracks, Sonic Relevance & Still Giving a Shit

Here is a sample of the interview Joel conducted with King Buzzo, leadsinger and guitarist of The Melvins.

I’m glad that our paths are crossing right now, because I really love this new release. Obviously, this is a different kind of Melvins album. How did this relationship with Jesse begin, and how does this particular film project work into the album itself?

We’ve known Jesse since the early ’90s. We met him when he was going to college in Athens, Georgia, and we’ve been friends with him ever since. He’s very involved in modular synth music, and he helped me build my own modular synth, which was great. We’ve know him more than two decades.

What was it about his movie that you thought would be good to meld The Melvins into?

Well, me and him are doing it together. He’s the main creative driving force, but I’m adding a lot. We’ll see; it’ll be very experimental. We like all kinds of weird stuff. It’s sort of like The Holy Mountain crossed with Twin Peaks.

Go here to read the entire interview.


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