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Rise To Offend – RTO 261 Jason Harris

Comedian, writer, and creator of ‘The Defeated” Jason Harris stopped by the show to discuss why he’s the most attacked comic in Las Vegas, why Jason rubs people the wrong way, Gooch’s temper, another Smut Test, Jozalyn’s fetish, and so much more on this comedy packed episode of Rise To Offend.

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Iron-Cast – Episode 97 – Off the Rails Month, Part X – Lou Reed and Metallica – Lulu w/ Special Guest Evan Harris

Check out the latest episode of Iron-Cast and their album discussion based podcast below. Today we’re closing out this re-visitation of “Off the Rails Month”, where we take a look at albums that seemingly came out of left field, with another ultimate off the rails album when we take a look at Lou Reed’s and Metallica’s collaboration, 2011’s “Lulu”. And we’re bringing Evan Harris from The Bearded Ones: Comedy Podcast along for the ride. Seen as an odd collaboration from the start, “Lulu” was one of the more controversial releases…

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Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast – Podcast Episode 40 – Talking Twin Peaks, The Defenders, Star Trek , Star Wars and more.

On this 40th episode of the podcast Victor and Chris get all caught up and talk about the Twin Peaks season/series finale and if the show is truly over and if Chris is broken after viewing it.  There is also talk about Marvel’s Defenders show being the least watched out of all of the Marvel shows currently on Netflix and what it means moving forward. The Inhumans fiasco and new X-Men shows are also discussed as is FOX’s Seth MacFarlane’s sci fi spoof, “The Orville”. Victor gives his honest review…

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Horns Up Rocks – Brian Slagel & Trevor Strnad: NEW Projects, Hobbies & Aggressive Music vs Aggressive Sports!

As you wait for a NEW season of the NO LIMITS MUSIC SHOW, below is a very special segment featuring Brian Slagel of METAL BLADE RECORDS and Trevor Strnad of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER! Find out what it took for Slagel to write his NEW book ‘For The Sake of Heaviness: The History of Metal Blade Records’ while running Metal Blade Records (for the past 35 years) and how THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER has managed to consistently release hard hitting uncompromised music such as their NEW album titled ‘Nightbringers’ (out…

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Peer Pleasures – Brendan Canty (Fugazi) Episode 52

Good afternoon and welcome to episode 52 with another living legend, Brendan Canty from the mighty Fugazi joins me to talk about the writing process and ethics behind one of the most influential bands of our day and what he has been up to since. Brendan is a hilarious and very though provoking guest with a lot to talk about so lets get into it! Enjoy and don’t forget…..

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Digital Killed The Radio Star Podcast – Every Mother’s Nightmare lead singer Rick Ruhl

Rick Ruhl from Every Mother’s Nightmare joins us this week to discuss his career and the band’s great new album “GRIND” which is out October 6th. Chris and I also discuss a great new band Denman that we saw in Nashville recently. Enjoy! Also there is a chance to win “GRIND” in this episode. Just follow the concert rules that we mention in the interview.

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Metal Wani – DEVILDRIVER Mike Spreitzer on “Outlaws ‘Til The End” [EP], Next Album & 8/9 String Guitars (2017)

Metal Wani member Matthew Powers recently sat down backstage with Mike Spreitzer, guitarist of Devildriver. Starting on a wise note, Mike discusses what the band’s “secret” for years of success is before going into how the lineup changes have affected the writing processes for the material on the Trust No One record. Mike is quick to speak positively of his former bandmates. Next, the upcoming Outlaws ‘Til The End country covers EP was brought up and how such an ambitious undertaking was somewhat foretold through select covers heard throughout Devildriver’s…

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Metal Wani – EXODUS’ Tom Hunting on U.S. Tour with Obituary, Upcoming Album, SLAYER & Tours (2017)

Jessie David from Metal Wani had a chance to talk with Tom Hunting from Exodus. They talked about going on tour with Obituary, the process of the follow up album to Blood In Blood Out, and working with Gary Holt. The new album is slightly delayed but only because Exodus want to make it as good as possible. We can expect a thrashing new Exodus album in the future, as Tom said “It’s coming!”

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