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Guitar Center – Here’s How: “The Man With the Green Thumb” by Tommy Emmanuel

Songwriter and singer Tommy Emmanuel is best known for his complicated fingerstyle techniques and fascinating performances. Over his incredible career as one of the best guitarists in the world, he developed relationships with many other instrumentalists, including his mentor, the great Chet Atkins.

Emmanuel was 7 years old when he first reached out to Atkins with a fan letter, and he was stunned to find a response from his idol a few weeks later. This was the beginning of a lifelong relationship between the two guitar greats. Shortly after Mr. Atkins passed away in 2001, Emmanuel wrote a tribute to him titled “The Man With the Green Thumb,” a track that would appear on Emmanuel’s 2004 album, Endless Road.
Here Mr. Emmanuel shows off his singular fingerpicking style as he shares the complicated introduction to the song.

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