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Joel Gausten – Words for Basil Gogos

Check out a sample of the article Joel wrote about the recently departed legend.

When Jerry, Doyle, their brother Kenny (a.k.a. Rocky) and I walked into Basil’s office, the excitement was palpable. There stood Basil – a friendly, warm and likable guy whose nature could instantly remind anyone of their favorite cool uncle. You should have seen it when Basil unveiled that painting: Jerry jumped up and down and clapped his hands like a little kid at Christmas, while the rest of us stood in awe of Basil’s unparalleled mastery. (“I think this is the best thing Basil’s ever done!” exclaimed Jerry on the ride home.)

Moments later, Basil and I started chatting. After autographing my magazine, he asked, “So, are you a collector?”

“I am NOW!” I replied.

“Here, you might like this,” he said as he walked over to the original Boris Karloff Frankenstein painting on the wall, took it down and handed it to me.

Was I nervous? Hell yes, and so were the Misfits guys! It felt like holding a newborn baby and being petrified of letting go.

I missed a day of high school, but I got to hold the original painting of one of the most iconic images in horror history – handed to me by the man who created it.

Afterwards, Basil took us all out to lunch, and we enjoyed his fantastic company. It was amazing to spend an unforgettable afternoon with such a kind and extraordinary person.

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