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Metal Wani – MYRKUR on ‘Mareridt’, Suicide Prevention, Inability To Discuss Things & Touring (2017)

In this conversation with Metal Wani’s Anne Catherine Swallow, MYRKUR explains how she learnt to acknowledge her nightmares and deal with the phenomenon of sleep paralysis, remembers her first time on stage as a five year old girl and discusses the latest environmental desasters that the world had to witness.

She explains why fashion has never played a big role for her band but admits her secret love for vintage wedding dresses and reveals where she finds her stage outfits, that can also be seen on her upcoming European tour with Solstafir.

Furthermore she remembers her imaginary friends from her childhood that lived in a lamp next to her bed, and speaks her mind about recent tragedies in the world, suicide prevention and why philosopher’s would turn in their grave about today’s politics and people’s inability to discuss things out.

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