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Steele Wars – Live Call In Show – Ep 42 : With Charlotte Errity of Skytalkers & your J.J. Abrams calls

Charlotte Errity of the Skytalkers Podcast joins us to discuss…
-Feeling sorry for Star Wars podcasters
-Charlotte’s clone
-Steele reenacts Charlotte introducing Caitlin Plesher to Star Wars
-Disneyland is double exciting for non-Americans
-McDonald’s vs Macca’s
-The return of JJ Abrams
-The right amount of time between Star Wars film releases
-The anxiety builds as The Last Jedi release gets closer
-Boba Fett’s bro-iness and how he should be written as a character
-Steele tries to get Charlotte in trouble with the anti-Disney BBL crowd
-The upcoming From A Certain Point Of View book release
-King Tom from Columbus, Ohio leads off the calls to give us a Giant Porg update
-The development of Leia and Mon Mothma in the new canon
-Luke and Leia’s reaction to discovering Padme’s their mother
-How Genevieve O’Reilly ensured she remained in the final cut of Rogue One
-New canon books and rooting for the villains
-Emily Lind from the Canto Bight Dispatch on which characters are worth exploring in From A Certain Point Of View
-Who knew what and when did they know it?
-Using new canon to right an egregious wrong
-Pestering Pablo
-Emma Knight from Edmonton talks like she tweets
-How will Leia’s journey be wrapped up?
-Viewers’ moods after The Last Jedi in light of Leia’s end

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