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Iron-Cast – Episode 96 – Off the Rails Month, Part IX – U2 – Pop

Check out the latest episode of Iron-Cast and their album discussion based podcast below.

Today we’re continuing our re-visitation of “Off the Rails Month”, where we take a look at albums that seemingly came out of left field, by asking that musical question, “What happens when yet another guitar-driven band abandons the sound that made them famous in favor of the sound of the day?” when we discuss U2’s ninth studio album, 1997’s “Pop”. Deciding to trade in their almost trademark guitar sound for a more techno sound, “Pop” sold well at first but sales quickly dropped off, and history has not looked well on this album. But what of this album? Was it misunderstood and tragically underrated, or was it a collection of bottom-of-the-barrel techno-junk? Tune in to find out. Plus we read your fan mail… Yes, kids, it’s the return of Big Jim…

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