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Chicago Music Exchange – CME & Fishman Present: An Evening with Tosin Abasi

The Chicago Music Exchange and Fishman are proud to present “An Evening with Tosin Abasi”. The Animals as Leaders’ frontman stopped by our store to give an intimate performance and demonstration of his signature Fishman Fluence pickups.

Tosin Abasi has mastered a wide range of musical styles and techniques, so it should surprise no one that his Fluence Signature Series Pickups feature the most diverse mix of tones packed into any Fluence pickup to date. Always on the cutting edge, Tosin’s tones defy convention. It took Fluence to unlock the sounds that have previously been stuck in Tosin’s head.

“I’ve played active and passive pickups in the past. Fishman Fluence are neither of those things but a combination of both. These pickups fill the space where a lot of traditional pickups seem to let me down. This is literally a new design that is taking off from a space where no other pickup has ever come from.”—Tosin Abasi

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