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Conversation With The Big Guy – Ep. 57: New WWE Films WE want to see!

New format! WWE content surveys. Bring it back again! What do people want to see? Gary and Ace. Let’s talk about Deviled Egg Trays. What does Ryback have for breakfast every morning? Pat lets his hair down. Healthy Pizza? The P Protein? Soy Protein is a no no. Sunny is like a grumpy old man. Tanning Bed Cancer. Vince’s checklist. Arn Anderson only speaks truths. An issue with the numbers! It’s the dirt sheet news, brought to you by Ace and Gary. Some CTE Talk. Why was Corbin’s push stalled? Is Ryback booked for Starrcade? Are Southern Folk ever happy? Can we ALL be on Starrcade? Remembering Bobby the Brain Heenan. It all comes down to selling. The moves aren’t the issue. The disrespect of no selling. AJ Styles and the mask. The best mask in the history of wrestling. Lio Rush and his odd NXT debut. WWE racist promos? Ric Flair will never drink again! Chris Jericho’s Cruise. Domestic Reviews. Ryback’s traveling commentary team. You have to go with what you’re given. A hilarious Main Event! All this and much more.

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