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Working Class Audio – WCA #145 with the MWTM Attendees

Working Class Audio #145 with the MWTM Attendees!!! This week WCA features the 2017 attendees to Mix with the Masters with Tchad Blake. Noam Levinberg, Rishi Bradoo, Eduardo Molina Goigoux, Jeremy Glover, Chris Brandes, Brett Bullion, Peo Hedin, Horacio Bolz, Ryan Worsley, Matthias Ortner, Guillaume Charret, Manuel Egger, Vincent Bonanno, Oded Davidov, Bas Kennis and Gilles Olivesi all join me for short conversations about their experience learning from Tchad Blake at Mix with the Masters 2017.

About these Interviews: From Sept. 20th-26th I was in France attending Mix wit the Masters with Tchad Blake. I met a great group of audio pros while there. We formed a strong bond and I felt it was important to have a brief chat with each one of them over the course of the time I was there. These interviews took place in the backyard of Studio La Fabrique in St. Remy de Provence.

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