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Metal Wani – DEVILDRIVER Mike Spreitzer on “Outlaws ‘Til The End” [EP], Next Album & 8/9 String Guitars (2017)

Metal Wani member Matthew Powers recently sat down backstage with Mike Spreitzer, guitarist of Devildriver.

Starting on a wise note, Mike discusses what the band’s “secret” for years of success is before going into how the lineup changes have affected the writing processes for the material on the Trust No One record. Mike is quick to speak positively of his former bandmates.

Next, the upcoming Outlaws ‘Til The End country covers EP was brought up and how such an ambitious undertaking was somewhat foretold through select covers heard throughout Devildriver’s career. Mike also reveals a bevy of guest artists that are featuring on the EP. The targeted time for release is revealed shortly after.

The potential timeline for new Devildriver material is then thrown around in addition to discussing the writing process. The ideas for new material are something Mike addresses next, ambitiously using the word “weird” in regards to the desired style of the new music.

Mike emphasizes his satisfaction with the current lineup and how comfortable it is working with them, citing examples from the most recent record and the upcoming covers EP. The decade anniversary of The Last Kind Words is used as a basis of comparison to show what the band is like now and was like then. The position of the band from the beginning of that record cycle to now is specifically used in example.

Mike reveals his feelings on using 8 and 9 string guitars and how After The Burial somewhat altered his perception on their usage. Closing out, Mike reveals what is next for Devildriver in the coming months and the new year, honing in on incorporating more of Trust No One in setlists.

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