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Roach Coach Podcast – Episode 72: The Darker Side of Nonsense by Dry Kill Logic

This week we learn some Nu-Metal Math and proper enunciation of the word “shit” as we listen to Dry Kill Logic’s debut album, The Darker Side of Nonsense. Topics discussed:
We have heeded your calls, Who’s Tweeting, Jonathan Davis on Cartoon Network, Queen of the Damned reactions, respectful disagreements, American Satan, Thick of It, Who is Eddie Wohl?; Fuel vs Filter, “Not that Scott Thompson”, gross album art, “I got a real eye for nuts”, hot open, Nu-Metal Math, the Whiny Boy, “You worthless piece of shit”, The Genius List, Activate the pit, “Enough pussy shit!”; “We love Coldplay”, Commenter Maggot, Who is lying to this band?; “Might be a long shot”, Where do you want to get lunch?; Spice Girls, the left hooks, Prowlar, “A hellacious drop”, Primer 55 in the mix, Panera online ordering, Hocus Locus, album sequencing, picking a single, the Juggalo Hundo, and of course the decision on whether Dry Kill Logic deserve a spot in the Nu-Metal Canon.

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