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The Bad Christian – #327 “Girls & Sex” Best-Selling Author and TEDTalks Speaker, Peggy Orenstein

Shame, pain, and humiliation shouldn’t be words commonly used by women to describe sexual encounters. Teen girls shouldn’t feel obligated to return the favor by sexually fulfilling boys who take them out on a fun date.  Labiaplasties (surgery of trimming the labia) shouldn’t be on the rise, but even that sex education class in middle school discusses “ejaculation and orgasms” for guys, but “risk and danger” for the ladies.  Young girls are being cultured to forfeit pleasure, freedom, and confidence in the bedroom.  Peggy Orenstein is trying to change these…

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Pro Guitar Shop Demos – MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe Analog Delay

Today, we’re upgrading to the Carbon Copy Deluxe, from MXR. This advanced version of MXR’s classic analog delay keeps the warm, murky core intact while adding every feature that you wish the original had. The Carbon Copy Deluxe features tap tempo with a variety of subdivisions, featuring eights, dotted eighths, triplets and sixteenths. The delay time has been bumped up to 1.2 seconds to accommodate the tap tempo with no loss of fidelity on longer delay times. You can switch to a more articulate delay tone with the push of…

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Noche De Rock – Spanish – 1110 – Kreator – Las Gildas – Eyeslandic

Comenzamos el programa con la colaboración de algunos de nuestros oyentes, a los que agradecemos su cariño y las cosas tan agradables que nos dicen. Tenemos luego a Gema de Las Gildas, que nos cuenta como es la temporada de este año. En la segunda parte Toni Barceló es protagonista, primero nos habla de Eyeslandic y luego sobre la poetisa Maria-Mercè Marçal. En lo músical vamos desde Kreator o Pantera hasta Meschiya Lake o Jorge Drexler.

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Sixx Sense – My Favorite Riff with Nikki Sixx: John 5 (Rob Zombie)

Nikki’s good friend John 5, best known for his work with Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, talks about the show “Hee Haw” inspiring him to pick up the guitar on this episode of My Favorite Riff, our video series where some of the world’s greatest guitar and bass players, along with future stars, talk about music, gear, and most importantly, riffs.

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Cheap Heat Show – The Brooklyn Brawler Was No Jobber!

If you listen to Cheap Heat you probably remember Steve Lombardi. He’s the man who lost to all of your favorite superstars as a kid. That role is more important than you might have realized. He worked with everyone and we talked about almost all of them.

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David Wallimann – What Would You Teach To A Beginner Student? – Featuring Jennifer James

Jennifer James is doing something really cool in her YouTube channel. She is learning to play the guitar in front of her viewers and documenting the process. And, on this video I will teach her a finger independence exercise. The goal here is to explore the fretboard and develop the ear without thinking about theory or chord names. Instead, we will focus on creating music!

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Seincast – 156 – The Summer of George

“So, has the Summer of George already started or are you still de-composing?” Vinnie & Matt discuss “The Summer of George”, the twenty-second and final episode of season eight, as well as…the inspiration behind the Dude, perils of midnight recordings, and the legend herself, Miss Raquel Wrrrrelch.

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Produce Like A Pro – Record Pro Sounding Tracks Using Affordable Equipment

This is a great time in history to be making music: Quality studio equipment has become more and more affordable, which makes it possible for home (or bedroom) studio recordists to produce great sounding tracks. Today, we’re putting it to the test: We’re doing a back to back comparison of affordable recording rig (Total cost: $4,300) and the best recording equipment at Sunset Sound (Prince, The Rolling Stones, Whitney Houston) What does that mean? Audient iD14 interface & ASP800 preamp ($950 value) against Sunset Sound’s custom built console in Studio…

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