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Pro Guitar Shop Demos – MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe Analog Delay

Today, we’re upgrading to the Carbon Copy Deluxe, from MXR. This advanced version of MXR’s classic analog delay keeps the warm, murky core intact while adding every feature that you wish the original had. The Carbon Copy Deluxe features tap tempo with a variety of subdivisions, featuring eights, dotted eighths, triplets and sixteenths. The delay time has been bumped up to 1.2 seconds to accommodate the tap tempo with no loss of fidelity on longer delay times. You can switch to a more articulate delay tone with the push of a button, changing the core from the Carbon Copy to the Carbon Copy Bright. The modulation controls of the original are now on the face of the Deluxe model, so you can adjust the chorus settings in real time. The hidden functionality of the Carbon Copy Deluxe is where it earns its name, giving you a ton of flexibility from its Expression jack. By connecting an expression pedal or MXR’s Tap Switch, you can program the Carbon Copy Deluxe to switch between two presets, as well as using the Tap Switch to externally control the any of the switches on the face. You can even use the Carbon Copy Deluxe as a master metronome and use it to drive another pedal with a tap tempo jack. Under the hood, you’ll find a kill-dry switch and a line level switch, which lets you use the pedal with any line-level instrument. And just like all MXR pedals, the Carbon Copy Deluxe is manufactured right here in the states.

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