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Dig Me Out Podcast – #357: Sophomore Slump Revisited – Freak Show by Silverchair

On the follow-up to their teenage debut, Silverchair fattened the sound but not the sales, we try to figure out what happened. When 1995′s Frogstomp exploded, the kids from Australia were pegged as Nirvana wannabes with plenty of growing to do. The still managed to sell millions of albums and score a bunch of hit singles. The sophomore release Freakshow from 1997 actually fared better with critics, but the sales dipped considerably, both in the US and their native Australia. To help us determine if this is truly a sophomore slump, we’re joined by Jeff Takacs (Rocketfuel podcast), Joe Royland (Sit and Spin with Joe vidcast) and Steve Muczynski (Hollow Earth) to revisit the record with fresh ears.

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