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Joel Gausten – Never Enough Horror Business: A Conversation with DOYLE

Here is a sample of Joel’s interview with the Misfits’ guitarist.

On the subject of The Misfits, you’re obviously doing stuff with Glenn again, which a lot of people have been waiting a long time to see. There have been different versions of the band over the years, but what do you think it is about you, Jerry and Glenn together that makes it special?
If you take all of us individually, we’re only so big separately. If you put us together, it’s epic. It’s like you’re collecting action figures – now you’ve got them all! People think they’re missing something, so they want to see it.
This year is the 20th anniversary of The Misfits’ American Psycho record. When you look back at  that Resurrection lineup, are you satisfied that it accomplished what it set out to do, or is there still unfinished business with that lineup in your mind?
I don’t really think about that. When I hear those songs, I don’t even recognize them. I’m more into Metal; that’s the direction I’m going with ‘Doyle.’
[’90s-era Misfits singer] Michale Graves has been talking in recent interviews about the potential for a reunion of that lineup. Is that something you’d be down for at this point in time?
I’ve heard that. I don’t know who he’s been talking to, but the only reunion is the ‘Original Misfits’ – Glenn, Jerry and me – and it’s happening in December again.

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